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Buying Votes for Online Contests

Buying Votes for Online Contests


Entering an online contest is very difficult for some people. It is full of uncertainty, and one falls under self-doubt that whether they are going to win or not.


In such a case, people go for more accessible and tested ways rather than traditional methods of obtaining votes. This includes them buying votes to win online contests.


Before we move onto the mechanics and processes on how one can buy votes online, we need to understand why online votes are popular among many competitions and what are some of the traditional ways through which people obtain votes.


Why Online Voting Is Popular in Most Online Competitions


Most companies that hold these competitions are looking to increase their viewers and want people to notice them and browse through their catalog or service that they might be providing.


They do this by holding such online competitions and asking the contestants to bring in votes in order to win. Hence, these contestants then reach out to their family, friends, colleagues, and social media networks in order to get those, and in turn, those people visit their website, and their objective is achieved.


In simpler words, you can say that these contestants do the advertising for them. Through this, the contestants get recognition for their skills or abilities and a chance to win. While on the other hand, the company holding the competition gets exposure to their businesses and new potential clients for the future.


Traditional Methods of Obtaining Votes


There are many ways through which the participants can gather votes for themselves. The most traditional ones are as follows


Having Friends and Family Vote for You


The most common and the most effortless approach to getting votes is by requesting your friends and family to vote for you. And them further spreading the word around their network. This causes a ripple effect and goes a long way.


But the problem arises when others are not as enthusiastic in supporting you as your close loved ones. Hence, you can’t always be sure about getting a 100 percent positive response.


Promoting Yourself on Social Media


Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to promotion. What most people do is that they create attractive posts or groups where they engage with the audience and gather votes. They promote themselves, and their friends help them spread the word with the relevant credentials.


However, the biggest drawback of going on social media is that people can use your personal information for wrong methods and negative publicity as well. There are also many people who turn their backs and do not vote because, for them, it is time-consuming and a waste of resources.


Holding Giveaways


By holding a giveaway on your Facebook or Instagram accounts, you are actually providing an incentive to people to vote for you.


This could prove to be time-consuming or cost you a lot of money in doing so. Moreover, it could potentially lead to a negative image as well if people start gossiping or spread false rumors due to jealousy.


Making a YouTube Video


In the age where the world revolves around making viral videos, one cannot simply pass this opportunity in reaching the masses through videos. While it is a great way and a creative way to address the audience, however, it takes a lot of time to reach people and have them subscribe to your channel.


This process usually takes about a month or even years for an average YouTuber, and that kind of time is not readily available. Moreover, with the meme culture, knowing no bounds and moral limits, one can get trolled if they made a simple, innocent mistake, and this could haunt them for the rest of their life.



While there are disadvantages to many traditional ways of gathering votes of people, a person has no choice but to resort to buying votes online to win online contests. And the best place you can get your votes safely and securely is through a website called


Features and Advantages of Buying Votes from Buyvotescontest.Com


Since this website might be new to a lot of people out there, getting to know them better is very crucial. Below are some of the features and advantages of


24/7 Customer Support


They have an excellent and reliable customer service program that is available for customers 24/7. Whether it is a query or if a person is looking for guidance regarding their service or even has a problem that needs to be addressed, they can easily reach out to their customer service representative who is working round the clock in assisting them.


Guaranteed Anonymity


The feature that prides itself upon is a guarantee of anonymity. Part of their work is to ensure that their client stays as anonymous as possible because a slight reveal might lead them to be disqualified from the competition as well. They protect their customers and ensures that they remain safe and secure at all times.


High-Speed Work


When they make a commitment, they don’t stop for small pleasantries. They make sure that the work is executed properly and as soon as possible. Where many people take days to reach people for votes, they will execute your entire process in just a matter of minutes. Hence, they are reliable and fast.


7 Years of Experience has been in this business for a few years now. Hence, you can easily say that they are a well-experienced entity when it comes to gathering votes for you. Their experience speaks for itself, and you know that you have the best company for the job.


Over 3000 Satisfied Customers


With the line of work that they do, it is no surprise that has over 3000 customers who are satisfied with buying votes online from them, and this number continues to grow each day. Their experience and reputation precede them, and with this, one can easily deduce that they are the best in the buying votes business.


Voice Over Testimonials


Following the number of satisfied customers, one can say that it is an over-rated figure. However, this can be verified by listening to the testimonials of people who have employed them previously for their services and bought votes from them. They are highly authentic and genuine. makes sure that their customers are well aware and are able to trust them fully.


Packages and Bundles is a very versatile platform that offers unique bundles and packages for people to buy online contest votes. Their votes are cast from unique IP addresses from around the world with 100 percent secure payment option, high-quality votes, and even better service.

Their packages are not only affordable, but they also provide 20 to 40 votes for free so that you can test them and be satisfied with the service you are about to employ. The package for buying online contest votes are as follows


Quantity of Votes Price per Package
100 votes 6.99 USD
250 votes 13.99 USD
500 votes 24.99 USD
1,000 votes 44.99 USD
2,000 votes 79.99 USD
5,000 votes 179.99 USD
10,000 votes 299.99 USD
20,000 votes 549.99 USD


You can contact them via customer service or a pop-up chat that offers tech-support readily for any queries that you may have.


How Does the Process of Buying Votes Work  


The working of revolves around them obtaining votes from unique IP addresses around the world. They are authentic and purchased from real-life users who are willing to sell their votes in exchange for money.


The process is distributed in five significant steps. Each step is unique and distinct but equally important for one to understand.


Make an Order to Buy Votes


The first step is that you make an order. To do this, you simply visit the website and click on Buy Votes Now button on the home page.


It will then redirect you to the packages and bundles page where you will then select the package that suits you best.


Once you do that, it will take your relevant information like Name, address, contest link, and payment details.


Pay Order


Once you make your order and enter your details, you will make the payment. The sooner you pay, the faster you will get your votes.


This website is fully supported and verified by most payment mediums such as MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal. Hence, you can easily make your payments.


We Contact


When you are done with the payment, the representative will contact you to confirm your order and discuss the details regarding the contest and ensure that the order was really placed by you.


Once the order is confirmed, we move on to the processes.




When we reach the processes stage, we start off by acquiring the number of votes that the order was supposed to be for and begin the voting process for the contest of which you are a part of.


Unique IP addresses are collected and purchased from real-life people who are willing to sell their votes in exchange for cash. The entire process is speedy, and it completes the order in no time.


Once the collection is done, it is then used for voting purposes, and makes sure that there is no trace left behind, and the anonymity of the client is secured.




When the voting process has been completed, you can see that your vote bank has increased by the number of votes you purchased. Thus, satisfying the customer and creating trust and goodwill between them that will last for a long time.


A Few Rules and Guidelines to Keep in Mind Before Buying Votes


Before you hire the services of to buy votes for an online contest, there are specific rules and guidelines that one must follow and keep in mind.


Always Have a Plan


Having a plan is always beneficial for the contestants because it makes them clear about their objectives and the expected outcome, how much money they are going to spend, and how many votes are needed to win the online contest.


Always Read the Rules of The Competition Beforehand


Having a vast knowledge and understanding about your Do’s and Don’ts is very critical when opting for the buying votes to win option. There are certain contests that strictly prohibit participants from gaining votes through certain means. Hence, you need to be careful that you are not breaking any rules. Otherwise, you will be disqualified if you are caught by the authorities. And in some cases, a hefty fine is also imposed.


It is always better to remain anonymous and not include any witnesses when buying votes online. The more you involve people, the more witnesses you are gathering.


Read the Terms and Conditions of Thoroughly


Before placing your votes order, you must read the terms and conditions thoroughly so that you understand how the entire process works. As they work on a pre-paid basis with no refund policy if the client cancels the order, you must make sure that you are ready to go through with it. Think it over and make a final decision.


Know That It Is Just a Healthy Competition


Knowing when to stop is essential when buying votes online. One must also be aware that just because they are buying votes, doesn’t mean that they will 100 percent win. There is a high possibility that the verdict could go against your favor. When that happens, you need to remember that it is just a competition, and there will be plenty more online contests to participate in.

06/ 06/ 2020

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