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How to Get Online Contest Votes

How to Get Online Contest Votes

Have you ever wanted to participate in a contest where you require people to vote for you? Whether it is a test of your skills like cooking, photography, art, or anything creative, asking your friends or family isn’t enough to make you win.

In some cases, it becomes highly demotivating when these votes are cast based on popularity, and almost every time, the most deserving ones are on the losing end. Most of the time, people choose not to indulge in such activities as it requires time, money, and effort.

However, at the time of need, you have no choice but to resort to different ways and tricks to gain what you want, and this article will tell you just that.

The Science Behind Acquiring Online Votes

Before jumping to the main topic, an understanding of why this system is put in place is crucial. Simply put, it has nothing to do with the type of entries or the contest in general. Companies do this so that they can generate more traffic on their web page and promote their products and spread their name.

When these companies invest thousands of dollars, they expect results too. They treat it as an elaborate advertisement campaign, which results in them getting a lot more returns than the budget of the competition itself.

They do so by having the contestants request for votes from their family, friends, peers, and community. Through getting “vote,” you are actually bringing in traffic and different people to their website indirectly, and they are earning whenever a new person that visits their page starts browsing it. In simpler words, you are doing their work for them.

Different Traditional Ways and Strategies of Getting Online Contest Votes

There are many traditional methods through which an average contestant goes around asking for votes. Those who are creative with their campaign get a higher number of votes, while others are not so successful in it. Many traditional methods involve the following.

Asking Your Friends and Family

When you enter a contest where you need votes to win, the first people you ask for votes are your friends and family. They may not be enough in number, but they are the ones who will support you no matter what. By asking them to vote for you, you can tell them to ask their friends and acquaintances as well, thus causing a ripple effect. Therefore, creating a network of people by your side.

Generating Votes Through Social Media

Making an online campaign through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is very important when seeking votes. It is a very creative and smart way to go about it as you will be able to connect with a lot of people at once. This work can be tedious and time consuming, but if done right, it can gain you a considerable number of votes.

In order to do this, you can make an attractive poster with the relevant information and links for people to vote for you. You can even network on different groups and pages or also create your own voting group and have your friends promote you.

Other than designing posters and writing posts, you can also directly message (DM) each person in your friend list and ask them to vote for you. You can provide them with essential details like the phone number or a website link through which they can easily do it. You must make sure to make the work easier for them as no one likes to spend more time navigating through the website looking for the vote option.

Printing Your Flyers

This method might be a bit redundant, considering we are living in a digital world. However, many people still prefer this traditional method of advertisement and can reach people of all age groups – especially the elderly.

With this, you can let your creativity run wild, make eye-catching flyers, and promote yourself and the contest for which you need votes. You can give them to people in the park, in supermarkets, pin them on the street or even distribute them to different shops or free notice boards in your town.

Design and Scan Through a QR Code

Designing a QR code for your votes is by far the easiest and a smart way to gain votes. The only thing that people have to do is scan the code from their phones in order to cast their vote for you.

It largely depends on the type of online contest as well and whether the company supports this function or not. In most cases, it is the company themselves that provide the contestant with a unique QR code. Hence, you need to be sure if you can pull this method off or not.

Make YouTube Videos to Get More Votes

YouTube is one such platform that is not only powerful but also has the ability to reach the masses. When making a video for YouTube, you can use any slogans or video effects that you want.

Make sure that those effects are not overly done. Nor does the video look cringy to someone who is watching it. Keep it simple, and make sure to get your message across. You can also put up a hyperlink on the video or in the description box that redirects the user to the contest web page when they tap on it so that they can cast your vote.

Another amazing way to catch the eye of people is by attempting to make a viral video. This can be in the form of a funny video or a prank or just a simple video that showcases your personality. You can choose to be as creative as you want, and towards the end, you can promote yourself and provide the link and instructions. Viral videos gain thousands and millions of people around the world, and if you are able to pull this off, you can win that contest in no time.

Holding a Giveaway

When you give people an incentive to vote for you, there is a high chance that they may approach you and help you out. You can hold your own giveaway by giving a prize to people who cast their votes for you. This can be in the form of small trinkets or eatable goodies. You can use these people to spread the word around as well so that more people would be encouraged to participate.

Buying Votes Online

When all else fails, you can easily buy votes from Most people buy online contest votes as well as they are not willing to go through the hassle of asking people for votes.

Buying votes can be advantageous for many as you don’t have to spend hours trying to convince people why they should vote for you and wait for their response, which can be detrimental for you and your work. Apart from this, you are not dependent on people to cast their votes for you. It also gives a fair chance to those who don’t have enough popularity to win a contest by generating votes from people across the state.

Websites like help people buy votes for any type of contest at an affordable price and bundle. It is reliable to use and has a very secure database.

The entire process is built on five steps: the person first making an order and deciding whether they want to buy votes or need help in social media promotion.

After that, the payment is made through a secure channel to the website or the PR manager, depending on your service.

Once the payment is made, a representative from contacts you and discusses your service in detail and sets deadlines.

When the deadlines are set, they work their magic, get your votes together, start your promotion campaign, and generate your desired results.

Important Guidelines That One Must Adhere to When Trying to Get Online Contest Votes

In order to get online contest votes, it is essential that one must follow specific guidelines and rules before stepping into the voting process. Some of them are as follows:

Have A Plan

When you are starting out to get people to cast their votes for you, you need to create a plan and strategize your every move. This can be done by brainstorming ideas as to how you will go about it and what method will be most effective for you.

You need to decide what your target audience needs to be, what mode of communication you will use, and how much money and time you are willing to spend on the competition itself. Once you do that, your work will be much easier to execute.

Read the Contest and Voting Rules Thoroughly

Reading and understanding the contest guidelines is very crucial. You must make sure that you are not breaking any rules when asking for votes from people. Some contests require that you only ask for immediate family members to vote for you. Or they might prohibit you from holding giveaways, etc.

Hence, you need to be extra careful and make sure that you are abiding by the rules and regulations set by the contest owners. Else, chances of you getting disqualified are high.

Don’t Be Suspicious When Buying Votes.

If you decide that you will be buying votes to win a contest due to whatever reason you might have, you need to make sure you do it as discreetly as possible. A sudden surge in the votes is not suitable for you as a contestant, and it might raise suspicions of the authorities that keep a check on the voting panel.

Don’t involve a lot of people with the process as well. Keeping witnesses may prove to be detrimental to you.

Use Your Resources Well

A good contestant is the one that uses their resources well. Hence, prioritizing the competition and using the resources at your disposal is exceptionally essential. This can be in the form of your creativity, your following on social media, your network of people, or the money that you are willing to spend on it.

When you use your resources well, the chances of you getting a clean win is high. But in cases where you lose, you will not regret spending a considerable amount of time or money on it—or going all out to win. You will be content with the outcome.

Be Honorable

In terms of competition, one needs to stay as honorable as possible. Using dirty tactics like bribes or betrayals is quite common amongst the competitors. Thus, staying clean and keeping your dignity intact is essential. It will not only show in your character but will also keep your conscience clear.


Whenever a person enters a contest, they need to differentiate between healthy competition and an obsession to win. Healthy competition is when you know that you can lose too and are okay with the outcome. However, an obsession with winning results in people resorting to illegal means of winning. This article explains how one can get votes online and bring up your chances of winning.

03/ 06/ 2020

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