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Buy votes for online contests

Buy votes to boost genuine action

If you want to win an online contest you can consider buying votes to support your cause. We have been selling votes, clicks, and signups for online competitions for over seven years and we've honed a safe and reliable workflow that gets you the right result every time.
The best part about buying votes for online contests is that it gives you a boost and encourages other contest voters to be more attentive to your listing. As a result, you may be getting a snowball effect where you buy e.g. 1000 votes and you ultimately get 500 more votes organically - just because you get more exposure being the top contender.

Buying online votes with us is fast

We know how urgent these things can be. You can get in touch with our support rep through the live chat on the website, WhatsApp, Telegram, or via email - we can get to work and deliver the purchased votes within hours.

Submit your order details and explain what your challenge is - and we will will tweak the delivery to your needs.

We also make sure to pace our delivery to look natural - just like going viral would look.

Buying votes with us is 100% confidential

As you can imagine, confidentiality is extremely important with our services, and you can be sure you will be absolutely unnoticed.

We don't disclose our clients, the contests, petitions, and polls we work with, and any other details of your assignments remain confidential as well.

We do not store or share any client data in any way. You buy the votes, we deliver, our rep sends you the report, you win the contest - and it's all done with.

Our payment methods are fully safe and secure - you can either use any major credit/debit card or cryptocurrency to buy online contest votes.

You can also choose to remain anonymous and pay with cryptocurrency.

Voter protection and verification bypass

We bypass all forms of voter protection in a safe, secure, and legal manner.

Over the years we've developed know-how that lets us deliver bulk verification of CAPTCHA, unique ip address verification, email verification, verificiation codes, and a lot more.

The votes you purchase from us are indistinguishable from real voters (because most of them are).

We never stop developing

The state-of-the-art system we've developed needs constant tweaking - so we make sure the development does not stop to deliver the great results we're famous for.

We have dedicated developers working full-time to make sure the votes you buy remain natural, undetectable, and valid.

Buying votes with us is safe

Our system is absolutely legal and you get real people voting for you in your polls, contests, and petitions.
We make sure our votes are indistinguishable from any other genuine voters - so you can win the contest without anyone questioning it.

More people buy votes than you think

Without disclosing any details, we can assure you that more people and brands buy votes in online competitions than you think.

Celebrities, influencers, high-ranking officials, actors, and public figures, are all among our repeat clients because they value the results we get them - and our commitment to privacy.

Get in touch with us right now and tell us what kind of publicity help you need!